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I started working in insurance back in the 90’s with USAA primarily because they offered a 4-day work week.  I figured I could always look for another job on my day off because NOBODY wants to work in insurance, right? My boss sat me down on my first day and said “Chris, if you stay in insurance for at least 7 years you will do it your whole life….” I continued at USAA for 14 years as a producer and in various training roles while concurrently earning my MBA from Golden Gate University.

I tried to prove my boss wrong by venturing to a startup mortgage company where I directed an inside sales team for 4 years.  The company was ultimately acquired by Genworth and once again I was faced with a career crossroad--back to insurance! I joined Nationwide as a training specialist where I supported both underwriters and agents.  I spent 7 years traveling the West conducting agency seminars and onboarding new agents.  Nationwide also provided me with an incredible opportunity to work in numerous leadership roles in support of the United Way.

I recently took a huge leap of faith to venture on my own as an Independent Agent.  I am grateful for having worked with thousands of fantastic agents, clients, colleagues, and friends during my career.  I have learned from many and will continue to educate and improve upon myself so that I am the best equipped to serve others with their insurance needs! 

Personal Life

I reside in Eagle, ID with my beautiful wife of 20+ years and our two girls.  In my spare time I enjoy bicycling, fly-fishing, golfing, DIY projects, and family vacations.

Chris Thrasher BIO